Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About the weird title of this blog

Some of you may wonder why I named my blog in such a hard to remember, user unfriendly way. (Hint: Use RSS or bookmark it. Don't try to remember it...)
"Dzhigital" is a neologism I just came up with after reading on wikipedia about "dzhigit" and seeing this picture. (compare to this)
This reflects what I like the most in coding and what I'll cover here in this blog... Dangerous, experimental, tricky stuff on powerful horses... err... languages (Scala, Haskell or dynamic ones).

The stuff that usually nobody wants to pay you for... 

If you're a bit like me you won't care. You love coding (programming, developing or playing with abstractions and languages) and you'd keep on doing it even if (especially) it was forbidden. :-)

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